Sept. 13: Alumni Don Rodgers, Effie Medford and Bruce Lovett joined current students to represent the School of Medicine in the State Fair parade.

Sept. 26: Join us for an Open House and walking tour of the HSC Campus.

Aug. 1-3: Alumni reunion was held at Sandia Resort and Casino, honoring all School of Medicine classes for the past 50 years.

Aug. 1: The Basic Medical Science Building was dedicated as Reginald Heber Fitz Hall in honor of of the first dean of the School of Medicine.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

UNM oncologist encouraging women to overcome breast exam fear

As the nation marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, a UNM breast cancer specialist is calling on women to overcome any anxieties they may have about breast exams. Fear, she says, is getting in the way of diagnosing and treating breast cancer early.

"Fear has immobilized (some women),” says Melanie Royce, MD, PhD. "If you tie yourself down and do nothing, inaction is going to be your enemy."

Royce, a professor of medicine at University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine, is encouraging women to shift from a reactive to a proactive role. "The sooner they take action the sooner we can do something for them," explains Royce about the numerous women who come to the UNM Cancer Center with very large tumors.

The cancer specialist is empowering her patients to share their experiences and educate other women in their communities. “Tell your relatives if you are in that situation don’t be like myself, do something.” says Royce, who is reminding both men and women to check for any abnormalities and to seek help immediately if they discover any. The National Cancer Institute says of the more than 230,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer this year, 40,000 died from the disease.

The UNM Cancer Center and the Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC) offer comprehensive breast care. For more information call the Cancer Center at (505) 272-4946 or SRMC in Rio Rancho at (505) 994-7000. (HSC NewsBeat).

50th Anniversary Speakers in the Departments of the UNM School of Medicine



Toby Merlin, MD
Director, Division of Preparedness and Emerging Infections in the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Disease at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA

50th Anniversary Keynote Seminar
Oct. 9, 2014; 3:30 p.m.
Domenici Auditorium, Room 1220 Read more.

Internal Medicine


Andrew Weil, MD
Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine of the College of Medicine, University of Arizona; Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health and Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Rheumatology, University of Arizona

50th Anniversary Keynote Speaker
Oct. 12, 2014 (ticketed event) Read more.


Søren Brunak, MD
Founding Director of the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis ; Chair , Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark

50th Anniversary Guest Speaker
Oct. 17, 2014 Read more.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Hector DeLuca, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Omdahl Memorial Lecture
Topic: Vitamin D: A Fountain of Health
Nov. 7, 2014; noon
Fitz Hall Room 303


Mina Bissell, PhD
Distinguished Scientist, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories

50th Anniversary Guest Speaker
Topic: Why don't we get more cancer? The crucial role of Extracellular Matrix and Microenvironment in metastasis and dormancy.
Nov. 11, 2014; 4:00 p.m.
Domenici Auditorium
Reception to follow: Domenici West, Third Floor