UNM School of Medicine

UNM Homecoming HSC Open House: Oct. 15, 2015


In celebration of UNM's Homecoming, tour the Health Sciences Center campus to see:

  • Laboratories
  • Student training facilities
  • Simulation equipment
  • Library
  • Inside an ambulance
  • Gait and motion analysis lab

And join us on the HSC Plaza from noon to 1 PM!

  • Enjoy a piece of cake
  • Meet Louie and Lucy Lobo
  • Stroll our organization fair to meet representatives from health sciences and education programs and the Office of Diversity

There is no cost, but pre-registration is recommended. Contact Lori Peterkin, (505) 272-8085, lpeterkin@salud.unm.edu

Tour Descriptions

Basic, Advanced Trauma Computer Assisted Virtual Experience (BATCAVE)

CTSC Building Basement: The BATCAVE is accredited as a Level 1 Education Institute by the American College of Surgeons. It hosts a state-of-the-art simulation lab with high fidelity mannequins to train medical professionals for adult, pediatric and infant patient care. More information about the BATCAVE.

Health Screenings

Domenici North Lobby: Learn about blood pressure and body mass index: what is it, what does it measure, what does that mean for my health and how can I control it? Optional: Nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant students will take blood pressure and measure body mass index for anyone interested. More information about the UNM Nursing Program and UNM Physician Assistant Program.

New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center

Domenici West Lobby : Spiders and snakes, plants and household products, medications (prescription, over-the-counter, herbal, illegal, or animal medicines) - they can all be toxic! Play an interactive game about pills, learn how to keep yourself and your family safe, and what to do in an emergency. More information about the NM Poison & Drug Information Center.

Pharmacy Labs

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratories, Research Incubator Building and Multi-Disciplinary Research Building (must wear closed toe shoes; no food or drink allowed): Research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is focused on various aspects of the discovery and development of new drugs and drug products. Tours will focus on our drug inhalation, pharmacogenomics, and cardiovascular disease lab areas. More information about the UNM Pharmacy Program.

Helping OThers – UNM Occupational Therapy

Health Services and Sciences Building Rm. 105: Learn what an occupational therapist does through a brief video and participate at three activity stations. More information about the UNM Occupational Therapy Program.

Physical Therapy Gait Lab

Health Sciences and Services Building 1st. floor: The University of New Mexico Physical Therapy Center for Gait and Motion Analysis is the only facility in the state that uses state-of-the-art digital video technology to record and analyze human movement. While the lab is used mostly to study normal and abnormal walking and running patterns, any movement can be analyzed. In addition, the lab uses video game programming to produce animations that show exactly what the bones of the body are doing as a person walks and runs. Come and check out this awesome technology. More information about the UNM Physical Therapy Program.

Inside An Ambulance

"M" parking lot outside of the IDTC Building: Learn about Emergency Medical Technicians, the essential skills they use in life-threatening situations, see the equipment they use inside an ambulance and learn how you can become an EMT. More information about the UNM Emergency Medical Service Academy.

Medical Lab Sciences

Health Sciences and Services Building Rm. 246: The Medical Laboratory Sciences experience will be a hands-on overview of the tests that medical lab scientists perform to aid in the diagnosis of disease. More information about the UNM Medical Lab Sciences Program.

Dental Careers and Clinics

Novitski Hall: What is dental hygiene and dentistry? This is a tour of clinics and labs where our dental providers learn to deliver the care that keeps you smiling! More information about the UNM Dental and Dental Hygiene Program.

Medical Imaging

Health Sciences and Services Building Rm. 243: The radiologic sciences tour will provide a basic introduction to different types of medical imaging. Participants will take part in a hands on activity and be given information about career outlook and placement. More information about the UNM Radiologic Sciences Program.

Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC)

Self-guided or staff guided on request: The UNM Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center is the only publicly accessible health sciences library in the state. The library provides library and information technology services to the faculty, staff and students of UNM's Health Sciences Center community. It also serves the citizens of New Mexico. / More information about HSLIC.

UNM College of Nursing 60 year anniversary exhibit and UNM College of Pharmacy 70 year anniversary exhibit

Domenici West Lobby: The exhibit chronicles the colleges’ anniversaries with photos, narrative descriptions and a timeline.

Sculpture Garden of Healing

One goal of the garden is to positively impact the well-being of our community by integrating sculpture, with its healing and spiritual qualities, into the heart of the HSC. The garden gives New Mexicans and visitors a peaceful and inspirational respite from their daily routines. The garden present both traditional and contemporary sculptures to create an atmosphere conducive to both healing and learning while being mindful of the HSC’s many and diverse constituents. More information about the Sculpture Garden of Healing.