UNM School of Medicine

Building a Respectful Campus: Bullying is Not ...

Clinicians, educators, managers and researchers will engage in certain behaviors that are appropriate to their roles and do not constitute bullying. They are allowed to carry out appropriate actions that are instructional, advisory or supervisory even if some of those actions might be viewed as unpleasant or disconcerting.

Clinicians may find it necessary at times to communicate in short/abrupt statements or in a loud voice, in order to deliver safe, effective, appropriate and timely patient care.

In an academic setting the choice of methods used to engage and educate students is at the discretion of the educator, as long as these methods don't involve tactics that a reasonable person would find offensive or disrespectful.

It is appropriate for managers and supervisors to:

  • Enforce policies and procedures.
  • Reassign space or job duties based on business needs.
  • Critique performance (discussed in private.)
  • Initiate and carry out disciplinary action.

In a research laboratory setting clear and direct communication may be necessary to ensure everyone's safety.