UNM School of Medicine

Building a Respectful Campus: Training and Workshops

EOD (Employee and Organizational Development)

EOD is a division of UNM Human Resources. EOD offers free training, workshops and consulting services to all UNM staff, faculty and student employees.

Trainings/Workshops relevant to building a Respectful Campus are:
(Go to Learning Central and search on the title of the training.)

  • “Busting Through Communication Chaos”
  • “Conflict Management”
  • “Creating a Great Place to Work”
  • “Defusing Anger”
  • “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace”
  • “Interaction Skills for Success”
  • “Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace”
  • “Somebody’s Watching You – Leader as Role Model”
  • “Treating Customers Right”
  • “Workplace Assertiveness Skills”
  • "Resolving Workplace Conflict"

For Managers: