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BRaIN Imaging Center

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BRaIN Imaging Center

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The Biomedical Research and Integrative NeuroImaging Center is a multimodal integrative neuroimaging facility for CNS pathophysiology research at the UNM Health Sciences Center

Our center has been supported by NIH COBRE grants for the last 10 years to establish state-of-the-art imaging core facilities and to train promising junior faculty to become independent researchers. We have obtained funding that will focus predominantly on providing these unique and powerful imaging core facilities to the entire UNM research community. The COBRE initiative supports thematic, multidisciplinary centers to augment and strengthen institutional research capacity, increase the competitiveness of junior faculty for NIH grants and enhance research infrastructure through the establishment of necessary core facilities. COBRE Centers promote collaborative, interactive efforts among researchers with complementary backgrounds, skills and expertise.

 The BRaIN Imaging Center hosts constituents from numerous HSC and Main Campus departments, UNM’s Clinical and Translational Science Center and others investigating stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, and other neurological diseases at the molecular level.

stroke               EPR

Established in 2001 with the support from a NIH COBRE Phase I grant, UNM’s BRaIN Imaging Center houses a globally unique assemblage of imaging technologies for in-vivo and in-vitro studies – magnetic resonance imaging, electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging, and confocal laser scanning microscopy. The facilities are open to all researchers, even ones that aren’t studying neurological related diseases.

Core Equipment Price info Contact
EPR x and L bands

$80/$40 (without support)
non- UNM
$100/$50 (without support)

EPR page
MRI 4.7 T $150/$300 (non-UNM) MRI page

One Photon
Two Photon

$70/ $15 (without support)
$70/ $40 (without support)

add $40 to fees for non-UNM

Optical page
Cell Culture Hoods, incubator, cryostat Free, but needs clearance Core info page
Surgical stereotaxic stations Free, but needs clearance Core info page
Behavior swim tanks,Gemini Avoidance
Free, but needs clearance Core info page

The construction of the wing housing BRaIN in Domenici Hall was made possible with a grant from the National Center for Research Resource (NCRR) (C06-RR107566). The research and core facilities at BRaIN is supported by several NIH grants with major funding from the COBRE center grants (P20RR15636 from NCRR, and P30GM103400 from NIGMS).