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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main goals of this program:

  • Help address the critical physician shortage in New Mexico by providing educational opportunities to those students who are most likely to return to the state to practice medicine. (The majority of NM counties are federally designated as being medically underserved.)
  • Encourage greater diversity of students trained as physicians. See the School of Medicine (SOM) Admission Policy.

Students who accept a position in the BA/MD program are required to attend the UNM School of Medicine and to sign a Statement of Commitment to these goals.

Eight years total. Most students will complete the undergraduate program in four years.

Accommodations may be possible for those who finish the undergraduate curriculum in three years. Note: If a student completes the undergraduate curriculum in three years, they are not allowed to enter the School of Medicine early, but will be encouraged to pursue additional coursework and/or other interests during their fourth year. They will transfer to the medical school with their class after the fourth year.

Medical school portion is four years.

No. Students are required to sign a Statement of Commitment to attend UNM School of Medicine.
28. An applicant wait list remains active until the first day of the UNM fall semester.

The MERGE Program is designed to address attrition in BA/MD cohorts. Students who were waitlisted at the conclusion of an admissions cycle may be invited to join the program between their sophomore and junior year at UNM, depending upon attrition in the BA/MD class for which they originally applied.

More Information

MERGE students who were original applicants (New Mexico High School seniors who applied) and were wait-listed may attend another institution for the first three semesters (Freshman year and first semester as a Sophomore), and still maintain eligibility for the MERGE program. However, they must have transferred to UNM for Spring semester of their Sophomore year in order to be considered as a candidate for the Fall of their Junior year.
  • Reserved seat at the UNM School of Medicine – consistently recognized by US News & World Report as one of the top-ranked programs in the nation.
  • Supportive undergraduate experience that offers opportunities and seminars specifically designed for BA/MD students.
  • Camaraderie with BA/MD peers and medical students.
  • Unique degree program that helps address the healthcare needs of New Mexico.
  • Supplemental scholarship paid for 4 years.
Students will be encouraged to apply for residency in New Mexico, but it is not required.
Students are allowed to pursue any area of medicine that interests them.
The goal of the program is to find students who have a sincere interest and commitment to staying in NM to practice medicine, particularly in the rural and/or medically underserved communities. All students are required to sign a Statement of Commitment to stay in New Mexico to practice medicine.
No, the BA/MD program does not cover the cost to attend the UNM School of Medicine.