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Individual coaching & trouble-shooting with Learning Specialists

Individual coaching & trouble-shooting with Learning Specialists

Ask yourself:

  • Do my grades reflect all the studying I’m doing?
  • Do I run out of time each week before covering all the material?
  • Am I studying so fast I don’t know what I’m actually remembering?
  • Do I know how to use practice test questions to study?
  • Does taking exams make me nervous?

Medical school presents a new set of learning challenges. We can help you work through the rough spots.

OARS Learning Specialists work with students on:

  • Study habits, learning strategies
  • Assessment concerns
  • Test-taking strategies and testing anxiety
  • Time management, organization
  • Problem-solving-- school, home and balancing the two
  • Clinical skills performance improvement
  • Communication skills performance improvement
  • Peer tutoring program for MS I students (MS II student tutors) 

Tips for Strategic Learning:

  • Manage your time carefully
  • Use course learning objectives to outline & guide your study
  • Preview and review lectures, write out questions over material you don’t understand 
  • Construct concept maps, charts, drawings to illustrate concepts and to remember easier
  • Study as if you were teaching the lecture, focus on the most critical points to communicate
  • Use practice questions to identify learning issues and guide study