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Feedback Initiative Workshops

Held 2-3 times yearly.

This workshop aims to improve the ability of faculty and residents from all disciplines to administer effective feedback that will facilitate transformation of their learners and colleagues. Using interactive techniques in learning, participants will have an opportunity to learn about processes in feedback, cutting-edge techniques in delivering feedback and practical skills that can be used in their day-to-day practice. 

For more information, visit OMED.

We can conduct 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour workshops depending on the need of the requesting individuals or departments.

Similar to the OMED workshop in feedback, Feedback Initiative faculty can come to you! Workshops can be customized to fit your department or organization depending on the need for feedback training.

Interested in a consultation or workshop - more information.

For your residency program.

Wanting to address ACGME surveys? Are you looking for an objective analysis of your organization, department, or residency program? Feedback faculty can attend a meeting or seminar of your choice to conduct an analysis of your organization’s employees (e.g., residents) to determine needs and solutions for the program. 

Interested in a SWOT analysis - more information.

Similar to a SWOT analysis, feedback faculty can meet with chairs, program directors, or other leaders to perform a feedback consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to determine the specific needs of a program and then address those needs with customized targeted interventions (which may or may not include workshop training).

Interested in a Feedback consultation - more information.