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Faculty Services

The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs and Career Development is responsible for all faculty process involving existing faculty. This includes compensation, retention, leave, promotion, faculty development, policies, legal issues, rank and track, effort distribution, volunteer faculty, and Letters of Academic Titles. We are also charged with conducting all high level searches to include external and internal competitive searches for all Dean, Chair and Director positions.

  • Approve EPAF for Resignations & Retirement, Org. Code Changes
  • Changes in Faculty Effort Distribution
  • Community Engaged Scholarship
  • Contract Revision-approving all changes in FTE, salary for all faculty including VA hires, Equity & Market, effort changes
  • Department Extensions (Visiting one/two year appointments)
  • Department Reviews
  • Diversity
  • E-Verify for current faculty
  • Faculty Development (Early Career, Mid-Career, ELAM)
  • Faculty Forward Engagement Surveys
  • Faculty Senate-nominations
  • Fellowships (Non-ACGME, Chief Residents)-current faculty
  • Gold Headed Cane Award
  • Leaves-Sabbatical, ESL, Leave from Assigned Duties, Military Leave, FMLA
  • Legal Issues/Grievances-Paid Administrative Leave
  • Letters of Offer-review salary, equity, effort, job responsibilities
  • Mentor, QuickStart, SMART, Dossier Leadership Workshops
  • MOUs/Letter of Agreement
  • Non-Renewals
  • Policies and Policy Changes
  • Promotion & Tenure (dossier reviews, posters and update all titles in banner)
  • Rank and Track
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Regents Professorships/Lectureships
  • Resignations
  • Retirement
  • Review and approval all Mini Dossier for new hires-credit for senior faculty for time served at another institution
  • Reviews-Mid-Probationary Review, Third Year Reviews, Annual Reviews, Flex track and tenure decisions
  • Secondary Appointments/Emeritus Appointments
  • Verifications of Employment

Other services


  • High Level Chair/Dean Searches Recruitment

Part-time Waiver Memo

  • Existing faculty-changes in FTE
  • FY renewals


  • Department Transfer
  • VA Changes in 8/8ths or partial VA


  • Department FIBCI Plans
  • Equity and Market Review for all FIBCI increase and decrease for contract renewals
  • FIBCI Policy


  • LATS-Process
  • LATS-Reviews
  • VA Retiree Affiliates
  • Volunteer Faculty-Review
  • Volunteer Faculty-Process