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School of Medicine Living Legends: Robert B. Loftfield, PhD

Dr. Loftfield with Dr. Roth

Dr. Robert B. Loftfield was one of the original faculty members at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. A nationally known biochemist, Dr. Loftfield completed his undergraduate education and received his PhD from Harvard University. In addition to a wife and ten children, he brought to New Mexico a passion for research and teaching. While he continued the scholarly investigation that led to many important scientific discoveries, Dr. Loftfield was instrumental in developing the curriculum for training physicians that is still used today.

Right: Dr. Loftfield at the Living Legends awards dinner with Paul Roth, MD, MS, Chancellor for Health Sciences & Dean of the UNM School of Medicine.

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Robert B. Loftfield, PhD, Fund

The Robert B. Loftfield, PhD, Fund supports student and faculty research in the Department of Biochemistry.