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Robert S. Stone, MD


Robert S. Stone, MDDr. Robert S. Stone, MD, was a founding member of the UNM School of Medicine, founding Chair of the UNM Department of Pathology, and second Dean of the UNM School of Medicine. In collaboration with scientists at the Los Alamos Los Alamos National Laboratories Pi-Meson Physics Facility, he was instrumental in obtaining the first grants to fund a Cancer Research Center at UNM. After leaving the SOM in 1968, Dr. Stone became Director of the NIH from 1973-1975, Dean and Vice President at Oregon Health Sciences Center from 1975 to 1977, Dean of Medicine Texas A&M University from 1977 to 1987 and Deputy Chancellor Texas A&M University until 1989.

“What insight and courage of the people in the state and in the Legislature to be willing to invest in a medical school, to believe that a small, I’ll say rural at the time, university could have a medical school. It was a long shot. None of us knew if it could succeed. What vision. That has overwhelmed me, and still does.” Robert S. Stone. 2013


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