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Ways to give to the UNM School of Medicine

There are many ways to make a gift - and make a difference - for the UNM School of Medicine. Please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations for more information.

Please consider:

  • Cash Donations
  • Real Estate and Other Non-cash Items
  • Stocks, Bonds, Insurance Policies, etc.
  • Planned Estate Gifts


The bequest, one of the most frequent forms of planned giving, is fully tax deductible and can help reduce estate taxes in large estates. In more modest estates, a donor can make a larger gift than would have been possible in his or her lifetime.

The typical donor:

  • tends to be older but can be any age
  • wants flexibility so gift won't take effect during lifetime
  • wants to determine how assets will be used

The bequest features include:

  • full tax deduction
  • the option of specifying a sum, asset, percentage, remainder, contingency, or amount governed by estate tax savings

Insurance Gifts

The insurance gift, with the University being named as primary or contingent beneficiary, is a popular gift.

The typical donor:

  • tends to be younger because larger gifts are possible with a modest premium
  • tends to be older when a life insurance policy is no longer needed

The insurance gift features include:

  • a charitable deduction for fair market value if given during one's lifetime with premiums deductible as cash gifts
  • charitable deduction for replacement value if paid-up policy is donated in one's lifetime