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Graduate Medical Education is part of the continuum of medical education offered at the University of New Mexico utilizing a multi-institutional/integrated approach to graduate education.

After graduation from medical school, residents enter one of our core programs, or, after finishing a core program, may enter a Fellowship. The Graduate Medical Education programs are all led by program directors who are supported by program coordinators. The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides support for all residents and programs through its benefits office, web-based didactic programs, personal visits to programs, and support of the Graduate Medical Education Executive Committee and other GME committees.

Betty Chang

Betty Chang, MD

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, DIO

Welcome to UNM SOM Graduate Medical Education!

The period of residency is a period of dramatic personal, professional, and emotional growth for physicians. That growth depends upon a supportive environment, which is conducive to learning. Here at the University of New Mexico, we believe one of our key missions is to train future physicians for we are training our future colleagues and those who will one day care for our families and friends.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides support to residency programs and individual residents as they strive for excellence. This is accomplished by continual assessment and improvement of the learning environment for our learners. The residency programs at UNM strive to improve the health of all New Mexicans as well as train future physicians for the State of New Mexico.

- Betty Chang, MD