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Curriculum Committee

(Active August, 2007), (Membership List)

The committee shall function to design, develop, and oversee the undergraduate medical education (UME) curriculum. It shall develop and periodically review four year goals and objectives for the curriculum and determine the timing of the curriculum. The committee will coordinate responses to LCME recommendations, monitor trends in medical education, formulate major education policies and recommend for faculty vote, review existing policies and revise as needed, and review and act on evaluation and outcomes data. The committee will participate in due process activities as described in policies. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee will appoint subcommittees which include individuals (faculty, staff, students or community representatives) who may not be members of the Curriculum Committee. This will include subcommittees representing major aspects of the curriculum (e.g. pre-clinical curriculum, clerkships). Motions are passed by simple majority of voting members, including electronic votes as needed, at the chair's discretion.

2011 Curriculum Committee Meetings

Curriculum Committee Minutes

2010 Curriculum Committee Meetings

Dates (Spring 2010)

  • January 6, 20
  • February 3, 17
  • March 3, 17, 31
  • April 7, 21
  • May 5, 15
  • June 2, 16, 30

Time: 4:00 PM, Location: IHSC Domenici Center Room 1504

2009 Curriculum Committee Minutes

2008 Curriculum Committee Minutes

2007 Curriculum Committee Minutes

Phase I Block Chair Committee

(Membership List)

Phase I Block Chair Minutes

Phase I Block Chair Minutes

Phase I Block Chair Meeting Dates

Dates (Fall 2009)

  • September 9, 23
  • October 14, 28
  • November 11, 25
  • December 9, 23

Time: 4:00 PM, Location: Dean's Large Conference Room

Phase II Clerkship Committee

(Membership List)

2012 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

2011 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

Phase II Clerkship Minutes

2010 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

2009 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

2008 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

2007 Phase II Clerkship Minutes

Phase II Clerkship Minutes

Education Council

(Inactive 2007), (Membership List)

Education Council (EC) is responsible for reviewing the undergraduate medical school curriculum leading to the doctor of medicine degree as a whole and recommend changes, as necessary, to the faculty. The Chairperson of the EC may appoint subcommittees, which may include members who are not members of the EC, and integrate and coordinate the activities of the subcommittees. EC also determines the student promotion policies and recommends to the faculty major policy changes and the awarding of the Doctor of Medicine degree. This committee is made up of members of the School of Medicine Voting Faculty; medical students and residents who represent the different areas of the teaching program.

2006 Education Council Minutes

Integrating Group

(Inactive 2007), (Membership List)

Integrating Group (IG) is charged with the responsibility for allocating time and sequencing the identified curricular elements for all four years of the curriculum. The IG is responsible for insuring that the Organ System groups' identified topics are integrated into Phase II, and that Phase II clerkship planners' expectations of student preparation are adequately met by the Phase I curriculum. This committee is made up of block chairs, clerkship directors, medical students and administrators who oversee the curricular programs.

2007 Integrating Group Minutes

2006 Integrating Group Minutes

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