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Why Give to the UNM School of Medicine?


Your financial support opens windows of opportunity for the UNM School of Medicine by helping us maintain and enhance quality teaching, research, and public service. The University receives only partial support from the state, which amounts to about 21 percent of the operating budget. Your private support is absolutely critical to our mission of providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

We never forget our top priority - our students and the students who have gone here before them. This University and the School of Medicine pursues excellence through research partnerships and hands-on opportunities in business, community service, education, library and medical research sciences.


The School of Medicine at the UNM Health Sciences Center must enhance its efforts through the following scholastic ventures:

  • Scholarships and fellowships - to attract the types of students for whom the most selective universities around the nation are aggressively competing.
  • Chairs and professorships - to shape the curriculum and supply its expert faculty with knowledge as current as today's discoveries.
  • Program support - to preserve proven excellence and charter future academic innovations.
  • Buildings and structures - to ensure there are state-of-the-art environments optimal for learning and research.

The pursuit of academic distinction supported by these goals will require all of the universities abundant energy, resourcefulness, leadership and spirit. It will also require a significant amount of new resources. The university's continued progress must come from those who deeply care about UNM's School of Medicine, academic excellence and leadership roles in the nation. Their investment will leave a legacy affecting many generations to come.